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Bolle di Sapone® since 1963 manufactures and sells directly to the consumer clothing for children from birth to sixteen years. Since 2003 Bolle di Sapone® also offers online shopping while you're still in step with the times. We decided to sell our products directly to consumers just to maintain a value for money is hard to find, thus providing the end user a chain made ​​of professionalism and product knowledge. The product, which is fundamental for us and made ​​exclusively in Italy, due to the characteristics of the tissues and the image of our leaders can really identify as Made in Italy. For this reason in choosing our partners who produce privilege with responsibility, in terms of fit, design, care and protection of children's health. All this is possible to do as being a small company we are able to treat more closely all the features of each garment, and every single client request can be filtered and optimized. With globalization, in recent years, it is more difficult to achieve these criteria, but buying from Bolle di Sapone® means always having a product tailored to your needs and would like to know what you're buying, by whom, and where and last but not least comes at a very competitive price.

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